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Honeysuckle Family

Viburnum alnifolium - Hobble bush or Witch Hobble or hobblebush.

Hobble bush flower.jpg

Calais, VT, 5/19/2007.

Hobble bush leaves.jpg

Calais, VT, 5/19/2007.

Hobble bush leaves2.jpg

Leaves are opposite. Calais, VT, 5/19/2007.

The hobblebush is an unusual flowering bush with two kinds of flowers: an inner circle of small flowers surrounded by larger flowers. The hobblebush is a member of the Honeysuckle family, Caprifoliaceae.

The flower heads of the hobblebush grow up to five inches in diameter. The height of the hobblebush can vary from five to six feet (2 meters). The flowers bloom from May to July, depending on location.

The outer showy flowers of the hobblebush are sterile. Each has five petals. The four larger petals are toward the outside of the bloom, and a tiny fifth petal faces toward the inner circle of small flowers.

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